Bonjour! We are a small-town business located in the beautiful bayou town of Cottonport. James (T-Jim) Moreau established the business in 1964. At that time, the store was called T-Jim’s Bar and Grocery. He operated the store with no employees, having a meat market, groceries, and also a bar. His father and uncle showed him how to make boudin, which is a Cajun delicacy made with pork, a lot of seasonings, and rice, all of which is stuffed into hog casings. Through trial and error and a little TLC, T-Jim who was 26 years old at the time, developed the much coveted boudin which he is famous for today. After a few years of operating in this capacity, he closed the bar and expanded that area into more groceries and meats. By that time, he had hired one part-time employee to assist him. In 1997, the family suffered the misfortune of the store burning down. He was able to salvage some meat boxes and some important papers. Many people thought that he would “hang it up”, but within three months he had rebuilt the store and was back in business! (read more....)